Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DIY | Advent Calendar Day 24: Ribbon Tube Packaging

While Toblerone's packaging is fascinating, I was finding it hard to package it so that it didn't obviously give the gift away. Paper towel tubes to the rescue! This DIY is pretty similar to my other two tube packaging projects, so refer to Day 8 and Day 9 if you're stuck.

DIY Ribbon Tube Packaging

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Paper towel tubes
(2) Shelf / drawer liner
(3) Colored scrap paper
(4) Scrap ribbon
(5) Sticker paper
(6) Double tape
(7) Double tape
(8) Scissors


1. For the lid, cut 1/4th of a paper towel tube or 1/2 of a toilet paper tube. Follow steps 1-7 here.

2. Make an incision through the top of the lid. Cut a short length of ribbon, bring the ends together, knot, and bring through the incision you made. 

3. Using another whole paper towel tube, repeat steps 1-7 for the bottom part. 

4. Cut a strip of scrap colored paper long enough to wrap around the tube plus a little more. Place your gift inside, cap it, and secure with double tape. Write your message / recipient's name on a sticker label and attach.

With the adorable ribbon a loop, you can actually make this as an ornament and even hang it on the Christmas tree (provided your gift inside isn't too heavy)! Stay tuned for the last day of Advent Calendar wrapping ideas!

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