Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY | Advent Calendar Day 9: Tube Packaging

Picked up this adorable metal honey dipper / egg scrambler from Daiso after Debbie mentioned that she thought it was cute. Due to its odd shape, I decided to package it in a tube again but in a slightly different way :)

DIY Tube Packaging

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Paper towel tube
(2) Shelf / drawer liner
(3) Stapler
(4) Colored scrap paper
(5) Double tape
(6) Scissors
(7) Metallic marker + colored pen
(8) X-acto knife + mat (not shown)


1. Cut a length of shelf liner and cover the length of your paper towel tube.

2. On one end of the tube, cut 4 slits and fold the flaps down. See steps 2-4 from yesterday for reference.

3. Make a cutout on the other end as shown.

4. For the tag, I stuck a piece of shelf liner on a piece of colored scrap paper. Make 2 vertical incisions about half an inch from each other. Cut a strip of paper about 3 inches long and slip through the slits. 

5. Place your gift inside and staple the open end of the tube.

6. Attach double tape to the back of your tag and secure on your tube. 

Today's tube packaging is a bit easier than yesterday's, but both are great options for environmentally friendly packaging. 

Yesterday: Day 8 - Sequined Tube | Tomorow: Day 10 - Sequined Tube II

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