Wednesday, December 25, 2013

DIY | Advent Calendar Day 25: Tissue Paper Packaging

It's the last day of Advent Calendar ideas here at Cafe Craftea for 2013! Can't believe December went by so quickly and Christmas is here so a very big Happy Holidays to all my readers! 

For day 25, I DIY'd a winter-inspired beaded leaf headband since Debbie's a huge fan of headbands :) This is a great last minute alternative to wrapping paper; I'll also be doing a DIY tutorial for the headband soon so stay tuned!

DIY Tissue Paper Packaging

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Tissue paper
(2) Double tape
(3) Scrap cardboard / old cereal boxes
(4) Twine
(5) Glitter
(6) Mini clothespin
(7) Regular tape
(8) Hole punch


1. Wrap up your gift in tissue paper.

2. Attach a piece of double tape to your clothespin and dip in glitter. 

3. Cut a circle out of your scrap cardboard and write your message / recipient's name. Punch a hole through the top center. 

4. Wrap your tissue paper package in twine and bring both ends through the tag's hole from back to front. Tie a bow to secure.

This is my favorite way of packaging things because it's so simple with a lovely homemade touch.

Yesterday: Day 24 - Ribbon Tube Packaging

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