Sunday, December 8, 2013

DIY | Advent Calendar Day 8: Sequined Tube

I myself haven't had a Sweet Tarts in years but for some reason, I had a strong nagging feeling that Debbie once told me she liked them. I wanted to wrap these in a way that wouldn't immediately give off the fact that it was a roll of candy. Toilet paper rolls (clean ones!) and some leftover sequined ribbon to the rescue! This is perfect for holding long, awkward objects such as writing utensils. It may seem like a long and complicated tutorial but I wanted to be as thorough as possible with my steps, so don't worry!

DIY Sequined Tube

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) 2 toilet paper tubes or 1 paper towel tube
(2) Leftover shelf liner / adhesive contact paper
(3) Wide sequined ribbon or sequin trim
(4) Double tape
(5) Scissors
(6) Sticker labels


1. If you're using a paper towel roll, cut it in half to make two tubes equal in length. Cut a length of shelf liner long enough to completely cover one tube. If you're using toilet paper rolls, just completely cover one tube.

2. As you can see, my contact didn't cover the tube completely but it's okay; just make sure one end is covered all the way. At the other (uglier/more uneven/uncovered) end of your covered tube, cut 4 slits at the North/South/East/West poles, aligning the slits as best as possible. 

3. For each flap, make a diagonal cut as shown (this cuts down on bulk). Tuck in the flaps.

4. Cut a square of shelf liner to cover the tucked-in flaps. Trim the edges as needed.

5. Cut the other half of your paper towel roll (or second toilet paper roll) in half. You should now have a fairly short piece. Cut this piece completely lengthwise and flatten.

6. Attach a piece of double tape long enough to line the bottom edge of the flattened piece. Roll this piece back up and fit it inside your covered tube, pressing well so the double tape sticks to create a "lip". 

7. With your remaining tube piece, cut 4 slits again and tuck in the flaps, trimming the corners. It's okay if there's a hole in the middle; it'll be covered.

8. Cut another piece of shelf liner slightly larger than the size of the end and cover the flaps, sticking down the excess liner.

9. Add a piece of double tape length wise on your roll and attach your sequin ribbon or trim. You may need additional glue or more tape to make sure it sticks on well. 

10. Write your recipient's name or a message on a sticker label and stick on the top of your lid. 

11. Place your gift inside and the lid should fit around the lip you created quite snugly. 

I love this because you (almost) can't tell that it's a toilet paper roll! I highly disliked working with this annoying sequin ribbon because it made such a ridiculous mess...

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