Saturday, December 7, 2013

DIY | Advent Calendar Day 7: Gold Dotted Envelope

As you may or may not know, I'm a huge fan of the 99c store. They surprisingly have some pretty decent, good quality stuff like these nail stickers I found. This set of 20 of sparkly ombre light to dark gray was one of the more plain designs, which I thought would fit Debbie's taste. They also have all sorts of patterns including checkered, zebra, and leopard print for those of those interested. I packaged these with a simple gold dotted envelope topped off with a little toothpick flag.

DIY Gold Dotted Envelope

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Download the template here
(2) Kraft paper
(3) X-acto knife + mat (not shown)
(4) Scissors
(5) Double tape
(6) Sticker labels
(7) Colored scrap paper
(8) Toothpick
(9) Metallic marker
(10) Decorative pens


1. Print out the template and trace onto your Kraft paper. Cut along the solid lines and score along the dotted lines (folding lines). The gray areas will be where your double tape should stick. Assemble the envelope, with a strip of double tape on the top flap to seal it. 

2. Decorate your the front of your envelope with a metallic marker. I chose to alternate big and small dots. 

3. Cut a small rectangle strip of colored scrap paper. Attach the toothpick using double tape the same length as the strip.

4. Fold the strip over the toothpick, creating a square flag. Then, trim the edge as shown. 

5. Write your message on a sticker label and stick to the front of the envelope.

6. Pierce two holes, about an inch of each other, through the front of your envelope and slip in the toothpick flag. 

7. Place your gift inside and seal. 

I love how the little flag makes an otherwise boring envelope so much more unique!

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