Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY | Advent Calendar Day 12: Pretty Paper Bag I

In keeping with my recycled Advent Calendar theme, today I dressed up a paper bag to wrap up a package of Tootsie Rolls aka I ran out of ideas for cute box packaging at this point.

DIY Pretty Paper Bag I

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Paper bag
(2) Colored scrap cardstock
(3) Shelf liner
(4) Metallic marker
(5) Hole puncher
(6) Scalloped scissors (I got these at the 99c store!)
(7) Twine


1. Place your gift inside the bag and fold it down a few times before stapling. 

2. Cut a strip of shelf liner long enough to wrap around your bag completely and center it. 

3. Cut out a rectangle tag and trim the edges with scalloped scissors. Write your message / recipient's name and punch two holes on the top and bottom of the tags.

4. Cut a length of twine long enough to wrap around the bag, plus about 6" for tying a bow. String the twine through the bottom hole, behind the tag, and then through the top hole. Tie a bow and secure. 

Pretty pretty! I love how the tag looks a bit like one of those scalloped rectangular biscuits...yum!

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