Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY | Glitter Hexnut Earrings

I love how the hardware store has recently been a treasure trove for us crafters looking for unique supplies to work with. I've seen a ton of awesome hexnut projects around the web but wanted to make something more subtle, that didn't scream out "I picked this up for 29 cents at the hardware store" (even though it's true!).

DIY Glitter Hexnut Earrings

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Stud earring flat posts + backs
(2) #8-32 Hexnuts, 5/16" diameter (I got mine from Home Depot)
(3) Glitter glue OR loose glitter + white glue
(4) E-6000 glue


1. Dab some E-6000 on your earring post and glue onto your hexnut. Let dry.

2. Fill the hole to the brim with glitter glue OR if you're using loose glitter, mix it with a bit of white glue to create glitter glue. Let dry and wear!

I love how the glitter adds a lovely little sparkle; the pictures don't do it justice! Feel free to experiment with different hexnut and glitter color combos! :)

** Don't wanna DIY? Prefer to B-U-Y? I'll be selling any extras I made, along with many other items, in my shop Two Teaspoons coming soon. Stay tuned!


  1. These are insanely cute! I actually have about 10 mini hexnuts that I bought more than a year ago and never found a use for them. So thank you for this creative idea :)

    1. Thanks Laura! I'd love to see your take on it; let me know how it goes! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kat! Let me know if you decide to try it! :)

  3. Thanks Kavita! I dropped by your blog and love what you're doing! :)

  4. Gorgeous idea! These earrings look cool too!

  5. This is the best hex nut DIY jewellery project I've seen :) Love it! :) I'm actually thinking of doing a "10 best hex nut projects"( or something like tt) for my blog- Would you mind if I listed this as 1 of them and linked to this post? :)

    1. Aww I'm so flattered! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. That sounds like a great idea! I'd be honored to be featured on your list; just drop me a link when it goes live! :)

    2. Done! Sorry it took me a while :) You can find the post here- hope you like it!


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