Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY | Kate Spade Inspired Metallic Polka Dot Phone Case

I've been on a bit of a DIY phone case kick lately and was able to snatch up a plain $3 black slip-on case, perfect for customizing! I love Kate Spade's version but wasn't a huge fan of how large the polka dots were, so I opted to make one with smaller dots and inverted the colors (similar to one that I found at Forever 21 selling for $10).

INSPO | Kate Spade (left) | Forever 21 (right; the dots are metallic gold but don't show up very well in the picture...)

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Metallic Polka Dot Phone Case

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Plain phone case
(2) Hole punch
(3) Metallic Tape (I got mine from Daiso)
(4) Wax paper


1. Stick a strip of metallic tape on the wax paper. This will keep your tape from sticking to your hole punch and making a big ol' mess.

2. Punch holes through the tape and wax paper. If your holes don't punch cleanly, trim with scissors as needed.

3. Arrange dots on the phone case to your liking.

4. Peel and stick!

What I love about this project is that if you ever get tired of polka dots, you can just take off the tape and redecorate the case!

** Don't wanna DIY? Prefer to B-U-Y? I'll be selling any extras I made, along with many other items, in my shop Two Teaspoons coming soon. Stay tuned!


  1. This turned out great, Vanessa! Always love Kate Spade style ;)

  2. I didn't even know metallic tape exists. Got to check out Daiso! I'm a huge fan of polkadot too

    1. Yup it does! It should be around the stationary/paper section :)

  3. Thank you for this tutorial! It always pays to create instead of buy. This was easy to follow and I am impressed with your commitment!

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