Sunday, December 22, 2013

DIY | Advent Calendar Day 22: Pretty Paper Bag II

I'm absolutely obsessed with Brookside's chocolate-covered acai berries from Costco...they're so addictive (and expensive)! I make sure to pick up a huge bag every time go :P While I wasn't able to grab these for Debbie, I was able to find these chocolate-covered blueberries in the bulk section of Sprouts (another one of my loves) which come pretty close! Here's my second variation on how to dress up a paper bag!

DIY Pretty Paper Bag II

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Paper bag
(2) Scalloped scissors (I got these from the 99c store!)
(3) Regular scissors
(4) Hole punch
(5) Metallic marker
(6) Colored pens
(7) Colored scrap paper
(8) Scrap yarn


1. Trim the edge of your paper bag with your scalloped scissors. I made a lace-inspired pattern by punching smaller holes through every other scallop.

2. Fold about a third of your paper bag down. Punch two holes large enough for the yarn to pass through.

3. Cut a tag shape out of your colored paper and write your message / recipient's name. Punch a hole through the center.

4. Place your gift inside and thread your yarn through the paper bag's two holes from back to front. Bring the yarn ends together and thread both ends through the hole in your tag. Tie a bow to secure.

Aaaannnd here's pretty paper bag #2!

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