Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY | Advent Calendar Day 15: Glitter Top Box

Anyone else loathe those tricky little lint balls that are just a pain to pick off your freshly dried clothes? I'm hoping that this little lint vacuum I got from Daiso will suck up those annoying little buggers. I packaged this in a simple box decorated with gold glitter for some bling ;)

DIY Glitter Top Box

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Download the template here: TOP | BOTTOM
(2) Scrap cardboard / old cereal boxes
(3) Double tape
(4) Glitter
(5) Scissors
(6) X-acto knife + mat (not shown)
(7) Metallic marker


1. Print out the template and trace onto your scrap cardboard. Cut along the solid lines and score along the dotted lines (folding lines). The gray areas will be where your double tape should stick. Assemble the top and bottom of the box.

2. On the top of the box, write in your message / recipient's name if you wish prior to attaching strips of double tape to cover the surface.

3. Peel off the double tape and pour some glitter over the sticky parts, occasionally patting it down to ensure it adheres well. Shake off any excess.

4. Pro tip: Glitter everywhere? Use a lint roller!

Now you've got a dazzling box as awesome as the gift inside!

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