Friday, September 6, 2013

FASHION | F21 Labor Day Bling

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Forever 21 to review their products...although that'd be nice :P I'm just sharing with you the things I've purchased. 

From my Instagram; no camera right now :(

Monday holidays are the best (can I get a woot-woot for free shipping?). I love shopping at F21 but anytime I come within 100 yards of one, I just want to silently back away. I dread shopping there now because 1) its sheer size is so overwhelming, 2) there are far too many people, 3) pseudo-OCD me would comb every rack just for the sake of being thorough. These days, I prefer to shop online.

I ended up getting the following seven items (clicking on the caption/price brings you to the item website, all images from F21):

Rhinestone Angel Earrings: The description said they were lightweight; they're more medium weight and a little too heavy for my tiny lobes. They are also a lot more blingy and heavy-looking than I thought. I'm thinking of splitting the charms into 2 pairs of earrings... Otherwise, very nice and classy-looking.

Spike Wrap-Around Ring: I got this in gold. Edgy and looks more expensive than it is; product was as pictured.


Dainty Scalloped Ring: I got this in gold. Super sweet, as pictured. Can't help but notice that it looks like a mini version of this Kate Spade bangle.

Spike Charm Necklace: Great value; goes well with both casual and fancier outfits. The beads did get a little stuck on the chain (small holes probably) so it takes a little wiggling to get them into place; as pictured.

Heart Chain Necklace: I got this in the rose gold/copper; very sweet necklace. The heart charm isn't completely solid as pictured; it tapers down and is thinner at the point.


Cutout Geo Ring Set: I got this in the silver/gunmetal gray. It was a little pricey but I figured it was a set of 3 rings so it was These look even better in person in my opinion. I've got a slight obsession with geometric rings lately...I've got a gold diamond one similar to the silver one shown and another fancy gold complicated geometric one with matching earrings. I'll probably do another haul of my older stuff later.


Screw Top ID Bracelet: I got this in gold. The ID tag part was thinner than expected. I had a feeling that this would be too big for me since I have teeny wrists (I can never wear bangles...boohoo). I'll probably have to snip a couple links off. I'm planning to maybe make this into 2 bracelets, by attaching the ID tag part on a leather band and using the gold chain for something else. A little pricey for the quality I got though; I thought the ID tag chain should be heavier/more weighty.

Voluntarily shipping myself to jewelry-detox for a month or two now... How would you style these? :)

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