Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY | F21 Earrings Upcycle

I feel almost guilty calling this a DIY since it's so simple. In my Labor Day Shop My Closet post, I mentioned that I wanted to change these $3 F21 Rhinestone Angel Earrings because they were seemed too flashy for my taste and were a bit too heavy for my lobes.

From this...



To this! :)


(1) jewelry pliers
(2) chain
(3) earring wires


1. I split the earrings by opening the ring and disconnecting the two charms with pliers.

2. I added a simple gunmetal chain fringe to the top charms and attached to earring wires..

3. The bottom charms I left alone because I thought they were nice just on their own.

Super easy peasy! I'm super excited to wear my two new pairs of earrings~

What do you think of my upcycled version? Have you ever upcycled jewelry into something better?

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