Monday, December 2, 2013

DIY | Advent Calendar Day 2: Diagonal Wrap Tag Packaging

For Day 2, I got Debbie my favorite Japanese gum. I'm usually not a fan of gum but this brings back memories of when I used to eat these as a kid. The most common flavors are strawberry, grape, orange, and melon but I snagged this assorted flavor pack which includes green apple and peach! You can find this at any Asian supermarket or Daiso. Today I chose to simply wrap the gum but added a peek-a-boo tag with a little message.

DIY Diagonal Wrap Tag Packaging

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Brown Kraft paper
(2) Scrap cardstock
(3) Rotary/hole punch
(4) Scrap ribbon
(5) Tape (not shown)
(6) Scissors (not shown)


1. Cut out Kraft paper slightly wider than your gift and about three times as long. Secure one end to the package as shown with tape. Fold down the other end diagonally and secure with tape over the taped-down end.

2. Continue wrapping the top and bottom ends. Secure with tape.

3. For the tag, cut out a rectangle shape and snip off the two top corners diagonally. Punch a hole and slip a ribbon through. Write a special message or the name of the recipient and insert it into the little pocket with the ribbon sticking out. If doing this for an advent calendar, be sure to have the number visible!

That's it! A super simple but unique way to vamp up your standard wrapping :)

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