Friday, November 21, 2014

WhimseyBox Review | Disappointment and Apologies

I'm a firm believer in honesty and transparency on my blog so I'd like to give y'all an update about my affiliation with Whimseybox.

A couple months ago I was asked to become a part of the Whimseybox Influencer Network where bloggers would place a widget on their blog posts linking to the Whimseybox website to purchase the supplies for the project, in exchange for a small commission. While it was all fine and dandy the first few months, the creators' interactions and communication with us bloggers (and customers too, it seems!) pretty much dropped off the face of the earth.

Looking at the lack of updates to their Facebook, Instagram, and website, it appears that they have shut down for business without any prior notification to their bloggers and customers. However, their website is still up and running and unfortunately, people are still attempting to order from them and fact that their website is still up and running makes it a scam. The number of complaints from people not receiving their orders for months (after having paid in advance for subscription boxes!) made the dishonesty of their business practices apparent.

Although I myself was not a subscriber to their boxes, I am saddened and disappointed in their lack of communication with their users and customers. I feel this is a terrible reflection of their business practice and I will no longer be endorsing Whimseybox. I apologize if any of you were victims of this scam and will be working to remove all the Whimseybox widgets from my blog posts in the coming weeks.

Please feel free to leave any comments regarding your experiences with Whimseybox so that we can spread the word about getting hopefully getting this website shut down and prevent more victims of this scam.


  1. I bought 2 gift cards for family members for christmas gifts over 3 weeks ago and have been trying to contact them to get the gift cards or get a refund..and nothing.... i've called, left emails..... nothing. I dont want to kiss $90 good-bye.

    1. Hey Anon, really sorry to hear that! They seem to have started being unresponsive around September so I wouldn't expect them to start being responsive now...I would definitely contact your credit card company, see if your card has been charged, and lodge a complaint with them. Best of luck & please update me on if you were able to get the issue settled!

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