Tuesday, September 3, 2013

GUIDE | Fashion Budgeting

To replicate the look above: PJs | Slippers | Glasses
If I had the choice, I'd be traipsing round town in my comfy memory foam slippers, nerdy wire glasses, and floral PJs (the not-so-cute kind too). Unfortunately, that's not really socially acceptable in the middle of the day...

It's always been comfort >> style for me and if those two categories ever overlapped, it was by happy coincidence. However, I've decided now that I'm in the working world that I've got to stop dressing like a weather-appropriate slob and put in some effort to look halfway decent.

When it comes to clothes, I'm a huge fan of classic, versatile pieces: neutral colors/nudes, blacks, whites, grays, and navys. What's best about this is that you can play up with different statement accessories that make each outfit unique such as an inexpensive patterned scar, dainty necklace, for a bright, eye-catching purse.

Take a look at my guide and create your own budget before going shopping (see my shopping guide here) according your own personal style. I found that a classy, practical, and inexpensive wardrobe can do wonders for your confidence.

*This is by no means a conclusive guide for everyone; this is just how I shop personally :) Use your best judgment and splurge a little once in a while!

Fashion Budgeting

I'm pretty strict with my budget because I know fashion always changes and that clothes don't last forever. The best possible outcome is finding a good quality product that looks and feels great for a low price. Check out my other post of my favorite places to shop here!

How much I'm willing to pay for...

Tops: $~15
1. Basic ribbed tanks/camis: <$5
2. Casual tanks/tees/v-necks: $5-$10
3. Fancier chiffon blouses/knit tops/button-downs/long-sleeves: $15-$20

All images from Polyvore

Outerwear: $~20
1. Cardigans/Wraps: $10-15
2. Sweaters/Hoodies: $15-20
3. Light Jackets: $25
4. Blazers: $30-$40
5. Heavy Jackets/Coats: $40-$50

All images from Polyvore

Bottoms: $15-$20
1. Leggings: $5-$10
2. Jeans: $15-$20 
3. Shorts: $15
4. Skirts: $15

All images from Polyvore

Dresses/Rompers: $~25
1. Dresses: $20-$30
3. Rompers: $25

All images from Polyvore

Shoes: $~20
1. Slippers/flip-flops/flat sandals: $10
2. Flats: $20
3. Heels/wedges/sandals: $25
4. Boots: $25
5. Sneakers: $25

All images from Polyvore

Jewelry: $5-$10
1. Necklaces: $5-$10
2. Bracelets: $5
3. Earrings: $5-$10
4. Rings: $5-$10
5. Watches: $20

All images from Polyvore
Accessories: $5
1. Scarves: $5-$10
2. Belts: $5
3. Sunglasses: $5
4. Socks/Tights: $5
5. Hair accessories: $5

All images from Polyvore

Bags: $25
1. Casual totes: $5
2. Clutches: $10
3. Wallets: $5-$10
4. Crossbody bags: $15
5. Large purses: $25
6. Backpacks: $25-$30

All images from Polyvore

Whatever your purchase, make sure it's worth it. Nothing's worse than buying something only to realize you can only wear it once or with a few outfit, or worse, if it's uncomfortable. Versatility is key and you'll be much more confident when you're comfortable in your clothes! 

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