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REVIEW | BlinBlinMe Jewelry, Makeup, & Accessories Haul

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by BlinBlinMe. I paid for these products out of my own pocket and this is an honest review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by their company.

Hello all! Today I'll be doing a haul review on, an online site which features Korean (I think) jewelry, makeup, and accessories for only $1 each (say whaaaaat?!)! Sure, the name is sort of funny (was it supposed to be BlingBlingMe?) but I was overall very pleased with the items I received. If you recall, I briefly mentioned it as the site where I got my temporary tattoos from for my previous DIY phone case tutorial,

Here's a sneak peek! Read on for more details about the goodies I received inside!

The package came in a plastic mailing bag and inside was carefully wrapped with hot pink tissue paper with a sticker. Under the tissue paper was more bubble wrap to protect the contents! I love the care that went into the packaging to ensure nothing got damaged during transit. All of the items were also individually wrapped which was nice.

Order Date: April 16
Received Date: April 25

I was pleasantly surprised that this arrived so fast as I had initially thought that these were coming from Korea, but BlinBlinMe seems to be Texas-based. A USPS tracking number info is also provided! I'm not sure if they ship internationally though.

Number of items ordered: 32
Shipping: $3.99
Total: $19.99

As I had mentioned before, everything on this website is $1! However, I actually got everything for $0.50 each as the site was having a 50% all items sale (which is actually still going on!). So actually, each item came out to about $0.63 including the shipping cost. You also receive 1 loyalty point per dollar spent which is equal to $0.01, so I currently have $0.16 points to redeem towards a future purchase (shipping costs don't count). Doesn't seem like much but better than nothing!

I was somewhat skeptical at first of the low prices but I had heard about this company through a Youtube makeup artist and gave it a shot. I kept my expectations low about the quality since I assumed that most of the products were cheaply made. I ordered through PayPal so I didn't have to enter in my credit card number.


BlinBlinMe has an awesome selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even some kid-styled jewelry!


Cube Earrings (Item # E052) in Gold/Silver
Description: Long dangling earrings with a unique cube design with the word “love,” containing beads inside the cube.

These were my favorite items out of everything and they're absolutely gorgeous! The delicate cubes are engraved with the word "love" and hold a shiny crystal inside. The fish hook piercings are plated (a big deal for me), they're super lightweight, and look way more expensive than a dollar! LOVE.

Elegant Pointy Oval Earrings (Item # E050) in Gold/Silver
Description: Elegant piece of earrings in the shape of pointy oval with rhinestones.

These were SOSOSO pretty but sadly they were heavy on my lobes and started to give me a headache. Sigh plated posts and SO gorgeous but alas #weaklobeproblems.

Delicate Pearl Earrings (Item # E069) in Silver
Description: Rhinestone earrings with pearl in the center.

Apologies but the crystals are clear, not light purple (camera reflection). These ended up being way larger than I expected. Plated posts (!!) but they actually arrived crooked. With some careful manipulation I was able to bend them back straight. Usually I don't wear studs that are larger than my earlobe but I took these out for a spin at a banquet and they were a hit! I got tons of compliments despite me thinking that they were slightly overblingy.

Delicate Pearl Earrings (Item # E011) in Peach/White
Description: Tribal designed earrings with teardrop shaped gems and a little bit of gold in the shape of a feather.

I don't really see how these earrings look like feathers but they were way too heavy for my lobes. The coral was a nice color but I didn't like the white as much. Also, the ear hooks were slightly tarnished :/

(left two)
Color with Pearl Ear Cuff (Item # E076) in Clear/Black - No longer available
Description: Colorful faceted stone ear cuff with pearl details. One set includes the ear cuff and one simple gemstone earring.

These cuffs are SO pretty! They're a little finicky to put on but once you get the hang of it, it looks awesome! The earring posts are plated (!!) and comes with a simple rhinestone stud for the other ear to offset the statement cuff.

Color with Rhinsteon Ear Cuff (Item # E077) in Mint
Description: Colorful faceted stone ear cuff with rhinestone details. One set includes the ear cuff and one simple gemstone earring.

First of all, their spelling of rhinestone for this item was horrendous lol. Since I had already picked up a black and white ear cuff, I decided to pick a colorful one. Unfortunately this ear cuff just didn't fit right on me so I ended up giving it away. There are several other colors to choose from and also comes with a simple rhinestone stud (plated!).

Flower Ear Cuff (Item # E070) in Gold - No longer available
Description: Ear cuff with multi flowers covered in rhinestone details.

I actually ordered this item in silver but their customer service contacted me right after saying that the silver was no longer available but they could either substitute the gold or take it off my order. Loved their prompt customer service. This ear cuff looks really elegant but I'm not sure where to wear it to. Lightweight with plated posts; does not come paired with another earring.

Pearl Ear Cuffs (Item # E070) in Silver - No longer available
Description: Ear cuff with pearls and rhinestones in line next to each other.

This looked super pretty online but ended up looking really gaudy and blingy on me. I ended up gifting this to someone else. It's somewhat heavy and posts are plated; does not come paired with another earring.

Gemstone Dangle Chain Ear Cuff (Item # E090) in Black
Description: Oval gemstone earring with rhinestone details and linked with multi chains and ear cuff. This set also includes glamorous rhinestone earring.

You probably can't tell from the picture but the swirly rope part is actually a part of the teardrop gemstone. I thought the jump ring was stuck or something and made the mistake of trying to detach the two pieces and broke it slightly but it can be fixed. Really pretty though, plated posts, and comes with a rhinestone stud; also in various colors!


5 Stone Teardrop Necklace (Item # N025) in Silver
Description: Simple elegant necklace with 4 big rhinestones and one teardrop shaped gem in clear.

This stones of this necklace ended up being slightly bigger than it did in the picture. Some of the round stones are glued in somewhat crooked and I'm not sure if I could pull this off since the stones are so large.

Multi Chain Nacklace with Ball Earrings (Item # N042) in Gold
Description: One set includes multi chain necklace and ball hoop earrings.

I purchased this nAcklace with the intention of taking it apart for another project but it actually looks pretty nice. It's slightly on the heavy side and comes with a set of ball earrings, which I didn't care much for. I'll probably take it apart and use those for something else.


Dangled Bangle (Item # B004) in Gold/Silver
Description: Bracelet with one pearl and chain dangles.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these bangles! I have tiny wrists and these fit perfectly without falling off my wrist. I picked up both the gold and silver because I couldn't decide and the pearl and chain tassel are a cute touch!

Multi Chain Bracelet (Item # B038) in Gold/Silver
Description: Metallic multi chain link bracelet. Adjustable. Gives trendy look and perfectly matches with modern outfit. Comes in gold, silver and combination.

These ended up being slightly too large for me (#smallwristproblems) so I'll probably take a few links off. It's pretty lightweight and most of the chains are metal and of pretty good quality. The only thing that annoys me slightly is that one chain that is slightly a different color plating than the others.

Gold Chained Bracelet (Item # B008) - No longer available
Description: Gold chain bracelet that you can open and close with a hook.

I didn't think that I would end up liking this bracelet as much as I did. It was slightly too big so I might have to remove a link but the texture of the chain makes it look way more expensive than it is. The chain and hook are both plastic and the hook looks slightly out of place; I was worried that it would slip out easily but it's fairly sturdy.


9 Piece Gold Rings (Item # R009)
Description: 9-piece ring set with simple gold band.

Unfortunately this set of rings was all one-size and ended up not fitting at all. They seem to be nearly a size 8 or 9 and the metal used was very cheap. Might use these in a DIY for something else but meh.

(left two)
5 Piece Ribbon Ring Set (Item # R053) in Gold/Silver
Description: One set comes with two ribbon rings, one textured midi ring, one midi ring and wide ring. Ring sizes are non-adjustable.

It was actually the bow ring that sold me but the other rings that came in the set were also really cute! I think they're about a size 6-7 but nothing a little ring hack can't fix. No complaints here.

3-piece Ring (Item # R033) in Gold
Description: 3-piece ring with rhinestones and pearls in a shape of a cross.

Cute set with an adorable crown ring; slightly large (ring hacks to the rescue)! Would've picked up the silver set too if it weren't out of stock :(


Lots of nail polishes, a decent selection of lip/eyeliners, some cool faux eyelashes, and a few eyeshadows and makeup tools of somewhat unknown brands.

Kleancolor Ms. Chick Blush (Item # C001) in Number 1 - No longer available
Description: Kleancolor Ms. Chick universally flattering flush blush.

I actually don't wear blush much and picked this up on a whim. I've heard of Kleancolor and researched some swatches because there were lots of shades available. This has become my only go-to blush as I figured I need some color in my cheeks lol. It's a lovely light pink color and buildable if you prefer a more flushed look. I apply it with my fingers and blend it out with a brush.

Kleancolor Brows Essential Kit  (Item # C051) in Medium Brown
Description: Everything you need to create perfect eyebrows packed in one convenient package. With easy to follow directions, it enables you to have the natural looking brows without harsh line that enhance your features. Brows Essential Kit consists of three eyebrow stencils in thin, natural and thick, and an eyebrow brush applicator used to apply the eyebrow powder precisely to the desired effect.

This is another Kleancolor product but unfortunately too light for my brows. There was only one shade available but it includes the powder, a brush (which was a bit stiff in my opinion, and three eyebrow shaping pencils. Wish it worked out for me!

Broadway Eyes 8 Colors (Item # C044) in Number #1
Description: Broadway eye shadow. One eye shadow pallet contains 8 colors. They are soft and will offer maximum colors for your look. With one pallet, you can create stand out look. They are perfect for night and day. You could chose natural ways look, party girl look, bad romance look and sexy smoke look.

I actually don't wear eyeshadow much but I figured this would be my foray into it since it's just a dollar. I haven't heard of Broadway Eyes before but this was the most disappointing item in my haul. I picked the natural ways palette but these literally were not pigmented at all so I couldn't even swatch. The only matte shades are the 2nd from the left and the darkest brown on the far right. These eyeshadows did not want to leave the pan and I gave up. Very disappointing.

Santee Eye (Item # C024) in White
Description: Eyeshadow stick (eye foam pencil) with a little bit of shimmer that comes with a sharpener on the cap.

I picked this up because I was looking for something to brighten up the inner corners of my eyes. Pretty disappointing but this arrived broken; not BlinBlinMe's fault as it was packaged and wrapped but still :/ I tried using the sharpener to make use of what was left but the formula was super crumbly and made a huge mess. Annoying.


Large selection of hair accessories, some temporary tattoos, stationary, socks, keychains, and makeup storage.

2 Pieced Bow Pin (Item # H039) in Black - No longer available
Description:  Two pieced bobby pin hair clip with gold ribbons on the end.

Picked up these cute oversized bobby pins; not sure if I'd wear both at the same time so I gave one to my sister. The gold bow is plastic and the fabric wrapped around the pin was slightly unraveled but nothing I can't glue back. This would look cute in a bun!

Flower Insert Clip (Item # H016) in Silver
Description: Hair clip that you can put into a bun in the shape of a flower with rhinestones.

Well uh this is obviously not a clip but the picture online did show that this was a hairpin. The rhinestones are actually clear but it seemed to pick up the reflection of my purple camera. This piece is super pretty; I just have to figure out how to stick it in correctly into a bun.

Flower Shaped Compact Mirror (Item # A001) in Black
Description: Flower shaped and designed hand mirror that you can also close and open.

I picked this up because I dropped my other handheld mirror (bad luck?!). It's plastic and has a cute design but pretty nifty; it opens to serve as a standalone mirror.

Metallic Temporary Tatto-001 (Item # BJ001) - No longer available
Description: Metallic temporary tattoo in a unique floral design.

Such a pretty design and I picked this out specifically for my tattooed phone case tutorial. They apply very well and remind me of henna art!

And that's it! Thanks for tuning in to my huge BlinBlinMe haul. The prices really can't be beat and it's a great place to get inexpensive gifts. Most of the items were of pleasantly decent quality and I'd recommend them for their prompt shipping and customer service. Their 50% storewide promotion seems to still be going on so check them out!


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