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REVIEW | Target Beauty Box - Naturals

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Target. I paid for this product out of my own pocket and this is an honest review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by their company.

This is the second beauty box that I've ordered from Target! I'm going in with high expectations for this one since I reviewed and was pretty pleased with the Beauty Box - For Her. Unfortunately, this one is also sold out and I'm not sure if this is available in stores :( You can probably still find the individual products in store though!

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Target Beauty Box - Naturals Review ($5)

As I mentioned in my previous review of the Beauty Box - For Her, I received both boxes at different times despite ordering them together. The packaging was similarly holiday-themed, sturdy and surprisingly undamaged.

First Impressions

Again, there's a card inside that describes each individual product and a $3 off beauty purchase of $15 coupon at Target.

There are a total of 6 items and its retail value claims to be $25, still an insanely good deal for $5 which calculates out to 83 cents per product! Crazy right?! Again, there are a mix of full sized and sample sized ("Target Exclusive") products.

1. Soapbox Argan Shampoo - sample sized (cannot locate item to find retail value)

Description: Packed with precious Moroccan Argan oil, this natural wonder restores hair’s vibrant shine.

I've been hearing a lot about how Argan oil is good for your hair and since I've got pretty thin hair, I'm definitely interested in trying this. I've never heard of the Soapbox brand and can't find the product online, but this seems to be a sample size. It smells suuuper good though; will update if I see results! :)

2) Skinfix Hand Repair Cream - sample sized 1 oz (full sized 2 oz retails for $18)

Description: Infused with oatmeal, botanicals and emollient oils, this intensive moisturizer soothes and protects crabby skin.

I'm surprised that its retail price is so expensive but there have been many positive reviews about it. It claims to treat dry, cracked skin and eczema. To be honest, it doesn't smell that great but it does moisturize decently. I don't use lotion too often but I think my mom would get a lot of use out of this!

3) Burt’s Bees Facial Wipes - sample sized contains 10 towelettes (full sized with 30 towelettes retails retails for $5)

Description: Self-pamper on the go with vitamin-rich white tea, calming cucumber and soothing aloe wipes that clean and tone without rinsing.

I was on the lookout for a good makeup remover wipe and I'm actually running low, so this came just in time! It contains white tea, cucumber, and aloe extracts and says it removes makeup, cleanses, and tones. I typically love Burt's Bees products because of their ingredients and this smelled lovely, however it burned my face like no other! I don't have any allergies or sensitive skin at all and immediately after using this, my face reacted stinging and burning! Looking at reviews online, it seems as if a lot of other people had this same problem so I definitely don't recommend this. What a shame since I love Burt's Bees products and it smelled so good! :(

4) SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Smoothie - full sized (retails for $4)

Description: Empower curls with this lush conditioning cream that restores moisture, fights breakage and adds brilliant shine.

Hmm although I don't naturally have curly hair, I'm fairly sure it'll still have the same conditioning properties. Not a big fan of the smell since I don't really like coconut but it's made with organic ingredients, reducing frizz and enhancing natural shine. I believe you're supposed to use it like a leave-in conditioner so will update!

5) Borghese Age Defying Facial Scrub - sample sized 1 oz (full sized 4.2 oz retails for $16) 

Description: Restore radiant glow with a clarifying scrub that refines texture and tone.

Paraben free with anti-aging properties intended to bring brightness back to your skin! I found this facial scrub fairly coarse and on the more perfumed side, but a little goes a long way! However, I eventually stopped using this because I saw it contained methylisothiazolinone, which is rumored to cause nerve damage. Not sure if it's true but better to be safe!

6) Acure Organics Facial Cleanser - sample sized 1 oz (full sized 4 oz retails for $10)

Description: Sea kelp gently exfoliates, French green clay and lemon peel purifies, and organic Chlorella help stimulate new cell growth for a truly day-brightening experience .

Sort of odd how this box has two facial scrubs as I would have preferred a foaming cleanser or something of that sort to give some more variety. Can't complain though as it has lots of organic ingredients: French green clay which I've heard good things about and argan stem cells (??). Compared to the Borghese, the granules in this one are a lot more fine and it almost has a herbal, medicinal scent. I like it so far!

I'm glad to say that I will most likely use most of the products in this box as opposed to the ones in the For Her box. I estimated retail value for this box to be about $21 (excluding the Soapbox Argan Shampoo, whose value I can't find) so it probably comes out to about $25 as they claim.

In my opinion, the Burt's Bees wipes and facial scrubs already exceeded the value of the box (breaking each item down to 85 cents) so yay! Again, very pleased with Target and looking forward to the next box!

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