Monday, October 6, 2014

Man Crates | Man Cave Makeover

*Disclaimer: This post was inspired by Man Crates and I am receiving no compensation for this article. 

I was approached by Man Crates asking me to curate some items that would make great gifts for decorating a man cave! To be honest, I don't know much about man probably has something along the lines of permanently merging with the couch and having the remote + snack shrine within arm's reach...

Anywhos, I visited Man Crates and found it pretty rad! They have these themed crates (for the gamer, meat or sports lover) that you open via crowbar with lots of cool little knick knacks inside. It's sort of like one of those subscription makeup/jewelry kits for women; it's really refreshing to see one geared towards men. I particularly love the zombie survival one!

Here's a couple items that I personally liked from Etsy (support your local makers!) that I think would make a man cave look more sophisticated!

1. Interesting wall art/prints: show your love for sports, games, etc!

Football Patent Wall Art Poster
2. Bookends: steer away from the typical TV-centered man cave with this lovely set of bookends!

Modern Walnut Bookends with Edison Bulb Lamp
3. Light fixture: just because it's a man cave doesn't mean it has to be as dark as one!

Himmeli Light Diamond Edison Style Cage Lamp
4. Throw blanket: great for the more chilly days!

Vintage Wool Plaid Blanket
5. Sofa tray table: totally genius idea; great for holding onto the remote, drinks, and snacks!

Couchmaid Classic Original Multipurpose Sofa Tray

I wouldn't mind having a room like this for myself! What would your ideal man cave look like?

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