Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY | Metallic Typography Notebooks

It's back to school season and I found myself wanting some fancy new notebooks to ease myself back into the study mood (cue groan).

Can you believe how expensive some of the notebooks are these days? I saw a 5-subject one going for about $4 and didn't seem to be part of the back to school sale. I ended up finding a pack of 6 wide-ruled 1-subject notebooks for, wait for it...97 cents! SCORE!

I've been really into minimalism and typography lately so I decided to just keep it simple by just using the subject name. :)

DIY Metallic Typography Notebooks

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Notebooks (spiral or composition work just fine!)
(2) Contact paper or vinyl (99c store)
(3) Metallic cellophane / mylar (I found mine at 99c store!)
(4) X-acto knife
(5) Pencil (not shown)

 photo READYCART.png
What's ReadyCart?


1. I used my Silhouette for Steps 1-2. If you don't have one, using the font of your choice, print and cut out your text.

2. Cut out a piece of contact paper as large as your notebook. Trace your paper cutout onto your contact paper and cut out the text again.

3. Peel off the backing of your contact paper. Cut out a piece of metallic mylar to fit the word and adhere it to the sticky side of the contact paper, completely covering the word.

4. Adhere the whole sheet to your notebook. Don't forget to put in the insides of the letters!

5. Trim off edges as needed!

And there you go! Customized notebooks that cost a lot less and look a lot more awesome! Feel free to play around by using different fonts to make your name, a design, or even a quote!

** Don't wanna DIY? Prefer to B-U-Y? I'll be selling any extras I made, along with many other items, in my shop Two Teaspoons coming soon. Stay tuned!


  1. love this DIY Vanessa, taking notes will be way more fun with these :)

    1. Glad to hear Rinchen! Any way to make school a bit more enjoyable! :)

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