Thursday, June 5, 2014

DIY | Magnetic Phone Macro Lens

I love the picture quality I get from my the camera on my phone but hate how it lacks a macro lens. I've had my eye on those 3-in-one lens sets which includes a little magnetic ring for detachable lenses. I figured I wouldn't really use the wide angle or fisheye lenses too much since those effects could be achieved via filter, so I found a way to DIY my own magnetic macro lens!

Note: Before you do this project, make sure that using the magnet will not interfere with your phone's compass (which may rely on detection of the magnetic field) and do not use strong magnets (they may damage your touchscreen if placed too close).

DIY Magnetic Phone Macro Lens

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Cheap laser pointer (99c store!)
(2) Adhesive magnetic sheet
(3) Hole punch
(4) Pliers
(5) Scissors
(6) E-6000
(7) Double tape (optional if you have adhesive magnetic sheets)
(8) Toothpick

 photo READYCART.png
What's ReadyCart?


1. Unscrew the top of the laser pointer and use your pliers to screw off the little black plastic part. Underneath you should see a tiny lens!

2. Cut out two squares from your magnetic sheet and punch a hole in the center of each. The lens should fit just about perfectly into the holes.

3. Apply glue all around the edge of your lens.

4. Slip the lens into the hole of one magnetic square. Make sure lens' concave side faces the magnetic side and the flat side faces the adhesive side of your magnetic sheet. Let dry.

5. Trim both magnetic squares to the size of your phone.

6. Peel off the adhesive backing from the magnetic sheet and stick onto your phone. If your sheet isn't adhesive, use double tape.

Now you have your very own detachable magnetic macro lens! The cool part is that you can still fit a case on top of the magnetic square. Trim the magnetic square with the lens as needed to fit over your case.

Left (normal taken with camera) | Right (macro taken with DIY macro lens)
This is such an easy peasy project so let me know if you decide to make your own! I'd love to see what you come out with; show me your macro shots on Instagram with the tag #cafecraftea!

** Don't wanna DIY? Prefer to B-U-Y? I'll be selling any extras I made, along with many other items, in my shop Two Teaspoons coming soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Oh,I'm so glad I found this!! Thanks a lot for the DIY tutorial, I've been thinking on getting a macro lens for my phone too!

    1. Yay! Let me know if you have any questions! :)

  2. This is ingenious! & way less cumbersome than the store-bought micro lenses that don't fit under your phone cover. Awesome tutorial!

    1. Thanks Mary! I also had the hardest time finding something that would fit under my phone case; they were just too bulky :( Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. This is very clever!
    Great DIY!



  4. The bottom left photo I thought was nice and blurred out the background already. The one on the bottom left is very blurry. Is that what you were going for or am I just confused?

    1. Hi Laura, sorry for the confusion! This macro lens is intended for extremely close shots (ie water droplets, the inside detail of flowers, etc). What I was trying to show with the picture is the level of detail the lens is able to capture, such as the texture of the key ring and the individual facets of the crystal. I do agree that the edges do get a bit blurry though... I just have to experiment with the lens some more :)

  5. Great idea! I'm going to try this. Thanks.

    1. Awesome! Would love to see what you come up with :)

  6. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment and you're very welcome!

  7. This is the first time I had encountered a DIY for a phone lens. I always used to buy them already made at available stores, never knowing that I can make one myself. The supplies needed are very easy to find, from the cheap laser pointer to the double-sided tape and toothpick. Very creative! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Lauren Woods @ Adhesive Tapes Australia

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Lauren! I found the ready-made ones a bit too pricey + bulky so I came up with this cheap alternative :)

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