Sunday, March 23, 2014


*Disclaimer: I was neither paid to endorse nor received any compensation for this initial review/blog post. I do, however, receive a small commission on any sales made through this service. All comments are my own honest opinion*

Hello dear craftlings!

I received an e-mail from yesterday about their awesome new service and wanted to give y'all some updates.

So as you may have noticed (if you've been following my blog for a while), I used to have some ads floating around on the sidebar and bottom of my blog. Since Google Adsense disabled my account for some supposed "invalid click activity" a couple months ago and also unfortunately denied my appeal, I've been trying out different ad services as alternatives to Adsense. After looking around though, I wasn't able to find one that fit my blog since I didn't want ads to distract from my blog content. I do, however, have some spaces available for people who wish to advertise on my blog as long as I feel the content is appropriate and the service/products are something I would personally purchase.

Since I post a lot of DIYs, I often get e-mails/comments about where to find certain supplies so I like to provide links to Amazon for readers looking for the same materials I use. ReadyCart approached me about their service, which basically builds upon what I already do (linking you to Amazon) except makes it even easier for my readers to see all the photos/links to the materials in one easy, convenient place.

And of course, I'd love to hear your feedback about ReadyCart. Let me know if it makes shopping for supplies easier for you or why/if you don't like it.

I'll be working on ReadyCarts for each of my DIYs so be on the lookout for this button for a one-stop way to get all those hard-to-find craft supplies :)

Click the button to find everything you need in my ReadyCart!
(This isn't a working button, just a preview) 


  1. Sounds interesting! I could definitely see something like that being valuable. I think your button may be broken though? Goes to Pinterest now. Thanks!

    1. Hi Anon, thanks for letting me know! This actual button isn't specifically linked to any particular cart yet. On my post for DIY Glitter Hexnut Earrings, I have working button there.

      I've got a plugin on my blog that allows readers to pin any of my images so I can see how hard it may be for people to click on the button itself instead of the Pinterest hover button. I'm not sure how to disable the Pinterest hover just for this button so I'm thinking of just providing a ReadyCart link for now.

      Please do let me know if a link would be more clear; thanks for stopping by! :)


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