Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY | Advent Calendar Day 19: Feathered Bag

I'm a huuuge fan of flats. There's just something convenient and incredibly lazy about just being able to slip in and out of shoes in a flash, but I hate the stinky foot smell that results due to not wearing socks! I've recently discovered some super comfy ballet socks from the 99c store and I bought Debbie this pack of 2 pairs. I found it misplaced and couldn't find anymore though :(

DIY Feathered Bag

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) Paper bag
(2) Double tape
(3) Scissors
(4) Toothpick
(5) Old book pages
(6) Colored scrap paper
(7) Metallic marker


1. Cut out 2 leaf shaped pieces out of your book pages. Place a strip of double tape vertically on one piece and attach your toothpick. Sandwich it with the other leaf piece.

2. Proceed to make diagonal cuts along both sides of the toothpick.

3. Poke 2 holes through your paper bag and slip your feather through. Cut a small "flag" our of your colored scrap paper and write your message / recipient's name. Attach it with some double tape. 

4. Slip your gift inside and secure with tape!

Making these toothpick feathers was so much fun and you can use it to embellish any gift!

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