Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY | (Not Your Average) Granny's Sunnies Chain

I've got this love-hate thing with wearing sunglasses. Practical outside but super annoying to wear inside, I usually hang them on the neck of my shirt but lo and behold, they typically go clattering on the floor whenever I lean over. I wanted a better way to hold on to my sunnies without actually, yaknow...holding on to them.

DIY (Not Your Average) Granny's Sunnies Chain

(Difficulty: Easy)


(1) A pair of sunnies (I got mine for $5 at a vendor fair. The sunglass part flips up and the inside lenses were clear, but I punched them out b/c double lenses was too annoying!)
(2) Chain (If you've noticed, I use this for everything!)
(3) Jump rings the same color as your chain
(4) Jewelry pliers
 photo READYCART.png
What's ReadyCart?


1. Attach a jump ring to one end of your chain. Wrap around the end around one of your glasses' arms and attach the same jump ring to one of the links on the chain, forming a loop. Make sure the loop's still able to be taken off the arm but snug enough to stay put.

2. Measure and cut your chain to the desired length. Attach a jump ring and for a loop with the other end around the other arm as in Step 1.

That's it! You can see me wearing these in my picture to the left. I wore these out to Santa Monica and I only dropped them 4 times instead of the usual 30! :)

**Bonus...ACTION SHOTS!**

Look ma, hands-free!
Ivory Racerback Tank (F21) | High-waisted sailor shorts (Swap meet) | Backpack (Kipling) | DIY Sunnies (Vendor fair)

** Don't wanna DIY? Faster to buy? I'll be selling any extras I made, along with many other items, in my shop Two Teaspoons coming soon. Stay tuned!

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