Sunday, July 21, 2013

NOTE | On Hiatus

First of all, I want apologize greatly to all my lovely readers (who may or may not have abandoned me by now) for the lack of posts :( I have been lazy haven't been satisfied with the direction/design of of my blog so I'm working on revamping it this summer to be more streamlined and to focus more on the two things I love best: making & baking. By sheer unlucky circumstances, my oven's been broken for the past few months as well so I'll have to hold off on any baked recipes until then. Do not fear however! I promise I'll be back soon with hopefully awesome improvements! Some of my plans include a new website design, streamlining posts down to just DIY and baking (cutting out restaurant reviews and Frugal Fashionista guides), possibly keeping the weekly coupon codes (since everyone loves a sale!), and launching an online store. Thanks again for all your support~

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