Wednesday, August 5, 2015

REVIEW | Aries Collection Sleep Mask + Earplugs

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received this sample product for free but was not compensated for an honest review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the company. 

Something a little different today: an Aries Collection sleep mask & earplugs?!

Description (from Amazon)
  • COMFORTABLE&LIGHTWEIGHT-Made with High Quality Cotton&Silk Blend material,Making it dry quicker,wash easier and comfortable to carry in your pocket during flights and Work Shift
  • GUARANTEE TOTAL DARKNESS-Aries Collection Mask helps block out unwanted lights and make you fall asleep faster,You don't have to worry about Light leaking underneath your Nose Anymore!
  • FiTS ALL HEAD SIZES-The Mask is design in such a way the strap is long enough to Fit all head sizes. The stitching on the Mask is High Quality, which ensure Durability, Moreover the velcro is 10cm on both side...long enough for you to adjust it!
  • ALLOW FREEDOM OF EYE MOVEMENT-No Pressure on the Eyes- Allowing Eye Movement without interfering with REM sleep, you still have plenty of room to open your eyes therefore not irritable to the eyes.
  • FREE EAR PLUGS-Softest Ear plug that block out the noise and is design to fit even small ear canals!Our Ear Plugs are made from Polyurethane Foam With Very Slow Rebound Time and Ensure Comfortable Fit ALL NIGHT! Our Ear plugs come with a small container, ensuring you can keep them clean at all times.
Price/Value: $12.97 on Amazon

I had expected the mask to be firmer but upon receiving it, I actually liked how flexible it was. It does indeed feel very soft. The elasticized velcro-attached straps fit my head just fine but I think those with bigger heads may have problem fitting into this. I especially liked that the inside is concave so that your eyes fit inside comfortably so you can open your eyes without feeling squished by the mask. The earplugs are pretty much the standard kind and are very pliable; they come in their own cute little box. Everything fits nicely into the included drawstring pouch. I'm looking forward to using this on long trips!

- soft and flexible
- comfortable
- you can open your eyes while wearing it
- convenient drawstring bag
- blocks out the light well

- strap might not fit bigger heads despite velcro/elastic
- earplugs are nothing out of the ordinary but comes in a cute case!

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