Friday, July 31, 2015

REVIEW | Custom Leather Phone Case

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received this sample product for free but was not compensated for an honest review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the company. 

Today I'll be reviewing this awesome phone case courtesy of Los Angeles-based StoryLeather! I chose a simple black saffiano leather case for the iPhone 6+. More details after the jump!

Price/Value: $59.99 on the StoryLeather website

I'm happy to say that I was extremely impressed with this product right from the beginning! The packaging was absolutely beautiful: a lovely blue gift box holding the case wrapped in tan felt and sealed with a lovely embossed gold sticker seal with their logo.

As for the case itself, the saffiano leather is really high quality and super easy to clean. The snap-in hard case is very sturdy, almost to the point where it was difficult to get the phone back out! The inside is made of gray suede and has 2 handy slots for money/cards and the folio-style case stays closed with a magnetic clasp. The snap-in case doesn't really have a "lip" so the edges are flush with your phone screen, so it'd be best avoid dropping this facedown when the folio is open. The folio case also serves as a stand for propping your phone up.

If you go to their website, they have tons of options for different models of the most popular smartphones in addition to wallets, bags, and other leather accessories. I'm really impressed with the craftsmanship of this product (no loose threads or anything) and I would definitely check out their other products.

I was looking around at the other cases they had available to get an idea of how much this product was valued and wow, it's around $60! I'm not sure if I would personally be willing to shell out that much for a phone case, but if you're the type of person who wants a high quality, sturdy, gorgeous, genuine leather case that lasts a long time, I would highly recommend this brand. I'm a big supporter of local businesses and their company is actually in my hometown! Also, I love how their company gives back a portion of their profits to local charities via their Case-by-Case program (which I completely randomly stumbled upon on their website; I was not asked to mention it at all!).

- high quality leather
- beautiful craftsmanship
- sturdy, long-lasting
- tons of options for many different phone brands
- all sorts of other leather products available
- local business & made in the USA (unsure if their materials are from the USA though)
- supports charities!

- snap-in case doesn't have a "lip" to protect in event of dropping phone facedown while folio is open
- on the expensive side

Overall I would give this product a 9/10 due to the price, but this case is absolutely lovely and would make a beautiful gift!

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